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Excellent Window Film - Infraid Rejection Window Glass Film
  • Excellent Window Film - Infraid Rejection Window Glass Film
  • Meets European REACH non-toxic certification
  • Our TopCool T70 excellent window film can also be used on buildings/home or any glass surfaces!

Excellent Window Film

TopCool T70

Top Colour Heat Protection Film, Architectural Film

Excellent window film has been developed with our latest patented technology. Top researchers worked with us and spent more than 3 million dollars on R&D, finally we succeeded and are proud to introduce this superior performance film with you.

Excellent window film T70 carries the following ground-breaking capabilities:

★ Patented-technology: Developed by our patented technology, T70 is also the bronze medal winner of the 2018 Taipei AMPA innovation awards.
★ Heat rejection: Reflects 90% heat and IR rays from your glass, stay cool in car and reducing air-conditioning costs & conserves fuel.
★ High transparency: Legal VLT for most countries and regions, providing crystal-clear visibility and does not shade your sights during night-time driving.
★ Glare reduction: Low internal refection rates, reducing glare and internal light reflections for comfortable driving experience.
★ 99.9% UV-OUT!: Less than 1% of harmful UV rays can reach your passengers & upholstery! Proving best protection from Skin diseases and color fading.
★ Absolute Bargain: Pay less than half comparing with major brand's top series and enjoy the same performance.
★ Eco-certified: Made in our ISO9001:2015 certified factory in Taiwan, product meets SGS REACH certification and various test reports.
★ Durable performance: T70 reflects the heat but not absorbs it, ensuring long-performance and comes with a factory 10-year limited warranty.
★ Enhance safety: The quality polyester film can hold shattered glass from impact and prevent possible injuries.

  • Applied with direct heat reflection materials and coated by patented technology.
  • Market's first and only window film that can be customized with various reflective color tones under your demand.
  • High transparency with superior UV & heat rejection performance.
  • Eco-friendly and non toxic material used, meeting REACH standard and certified by SGS.
  • Multiple Quality controlled production.
  • Durable life time with 10 year factory limited warranty.
  • Visible Light Transmitted (380nm ~ 780nm) : 68.08%
  • Visible Light Reflected - External : 9.80%
  • Visible Light Reflected - Internal : 11.55%
  • Solar Heat Transmitted : 39.48%
  • Solar Heat Reflected : 34.97%
  • Solar Heat Absorbed : 25.55%
  • IR Reduction (900nm ~ 1100nm) : 87.55%
  • UV Rejected (290nm ~ 380nm) : 99.9%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected(TSER) : 53%
  • Shading Coefficient : 0.54

Execllent window film

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Excellent Window Film T70
Excellent Window Film T70

TopCool T70 Excellent window film has been developed withour latest patented technology.


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Located in Taiwan since 1985, TOP COLOUR FILM LTD. is a safety window film manufacturer. Their main security and decorative window film options include, Excellent Window Film, window film OEM services, safety and security films, reflective window films, eco-friendly window films and solar control films. Elevate your space with top-grade architectural window films. Solar protection, enhanced privacy.

TOP COLOUR is a renowned manufacturer of high quality window films, including automotive, architectural, security and decorative films. They offer a range of products such as the Architectural Reflective Window Film G50, which reflects 98.83% of infrared rays, and the T70 variant, known for its high visibility and UV protection. Their BRCS100 antibacterial window film, certified by SGS, effectively eliminates bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. With a commitment to quality and timely delivery, TOP COLOUR offers OEM/ODM services, allowing for customization of tinted films with private branding.

TOP COLOUR has been offering customers high performance window film solutions, both with the latest technology and 30 years of experience, TOP COLOUR ensures that each customer's requirements are met.