Decorative window film PF14-1F

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T70 Excellent window film

T70 Excellent window film

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Dyed Film

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Decorative window film PF14-1F | Window Film Manufacturers - TOP COLOUR

TOP COLOUR FILM LTD. is one of the leading Decorative window film PF14-1F | window film supplies from Taiwan since 1985.

ISO accredited with rigorous QC processes, TOP COLOUR is the first pioneer of car window tint film, high performance films with extra-protection from the sun's UV and IR rays, and ceramic window film that is equipped with advanced nano-ceramic materials that perform heat reduction and allow high visibility.

TOP COLOUR has been offering customers high-quality window tint film with selections of colors and sizes, both with the cutting-edge technologies and 30 years of experience, TOP COLOUR ensures each customer's demands are met.

Decorative window film PF14-1F

Frost long stripes

Decorative window film PF14-1F (FROST LONG STRIPES) is a clear polyester film printed with 0.4cm frosted stripes, available in 152cm rolls. The stripe direction is same as the printing direction, displaying endless stripes throughout the roll.

The decorative film is perfect for home interior remodeling, office transformations and adds privacy to the applied room. The quality polyester film and durable adhesive provides easy installation and professional looks.

If you have your own designed pattern/color, we are also capable of producing molds for customized film patterns.

Product Nickname

Decorative film, décor glass film, glass decoration film, frosted film, matte film, privacy film


Decorative glass film with customized designs for global window film buyers


  • Manufacturer supported with factory prices.
  • Easy interior remodeling by decorative film.
  • Quality controlled production.
  • Over 30 years of experience in window film industry.


  • 1PLY 1mil window film construction, 1.5mil also available.
  • Various colors available.
  • Manufacturer of customized Patterns & designs.
  • No glass replacement needed, easy application.
  • Best implement to interior design and better branding.
  • Improves privacy on glass surfaces.
  • Durable polyester film with adhesive.
  • Window film roll size (width/length) can be customized.
  • JUMBO roll for tinting professionals.
  • MASTER roll for window film distributors.
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