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T70 Excellent window film

T70 Excellent window film

Superior heat rejection, super high transparency at surprising prices.

Dyed Film

Dyed Film

Exclusive dyed technology, color stable and durable performance.


Paint Protection Film | Window Film Manufacturers - TOP COLOUR

TOP COLOUR FILM LTD. is one of the leading Paint Protection Film | window film supplies from Taiwan since 1985.

ISO accredited with rigorous QC processes, TOP COLOUR is the first pioneer of car window tint film, high performance films with extra-protection from the sun's UV and IR rays, and ceramic window film that is equipped with advanced nano-ceramic materials that perform heat reduction and allow high visibility.

TOP COLOUR has been offering customers high-quality window tint film with selections of colors and sizes, both with the cutting-edge technologies and 30 years of experience, TOP COLOUR ensures each customer's demands are met.

Paint Protection Film

P100 (PPF)

Our paint protection film (PPF) is based on high quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) film, easy to stretch and install on new or used car for protection on paint surfaces, can also be used as headlight tint. The film offers a virtually invisible barrier from potential damages for your automotive paint surfaces. Paint protection film can save you time on polishing and waxing, a gentle rinse will keep your car clean.
The film will protect your paint surface from scratches, stone chips, sand, bug splatters, bird droppings, road tar, oils and acid rain. Our paint protection film is also equipped with self-healing technology. If the force did not penetrate the film, the film surface will recover itself to the “just waxed” finish all the time.
This product is backed with a factory warranty on colorization (non-yellowing) and adhesive failure, it is durable and compatible with all kinds of automotive paint surfaces. P100 paint protection film is equipped with our easy-stretch formula and exclusive adhesive that is simple to install and fits tightly to the curves of your vehicle. Add this clear protection film for your car and enjoy the shining and brightening effect of our film!

Product Nickname

PPF,Clear Bra, Clear car wrap film


Decorative glass film with customized designs for global window film buyers


  • • Manufacturer supported with factory prices.
  • • High performance TPU Material applied.
  • • Extra protective coating that brightens your paint color.
  • • Quality controlled production and export supported packaging.
  • • Over 30 years of experience in the film industry.

Specification Table

• Self-healing abilities, No wax needed, simple to maintain

• Easy to install with good stretch ability

• Durable adhesive with UV stable technology

• Factory warranty on non-yellowing and adhesive failure

• Fits well to all types of automotive paint finishes

• Can also be installed as headlight tint

• Service free and easy to clean/maintain the surface

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