Digital Decorative Window Film

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Digital Decorative Window Film | Window Film Manufacturer - TOP COLOUR

Based in Taiwan, TOP COLOUR FILM LTD. is one of the leading Digital Decorative Window Film | window film manufacturers since 1985.

TUV and ISO 9001:2008 certified with rigorous QC processes, TOP COLOUR's cutting edge window film is designed with VLT, UV and IR rejections. The self adhesive films include automotive films, architecture films, safety and security films, nanofilms, tint films, IR films and more.

There are anti-scratch and hard coating self adhesive films such as metalized films, dyed films, nanofilms and IR film for automotive; and nano ceramic films and sputter film for architectural, as well as safety and security films. TOP COLOUR has been offering customers high quality window films with selections of colors, sizes, and UVB and UVA protection. Both with the advanced technology and 30 years of experience, TOP COLOUR ensures to meet each customer's demands.

Digital Decorative Window Film


Digital Decorative window film DT003 is a revolutionary decorative film for glass surfaces. All kinds of digital images can be printed on the polyester film surface, enable various designs and colors. Also, the cost of printing digital decorative film is much cheaper than traditional wide-format printed films.

Our digital decorative film is perfect for home interior remodeling, office transformations and adds privacy to the applied room. Add your own touch of design to glass surfaces via our digital decorative films. The quality PET film and durable adhesive provides easy installation and professional looks.

If you have your own designed pattern/color, we are also capable of printing samples for you to check quality and printing effects. Contact us right now to discover more details on production and prices.

Product Nickname

Decorative film, décor glass film, glass decoration film, frosted film, matte film, privacy film


Decorative glass film with customized designs for global window film buyers


  • Total customization film output by digital printing.
  • Manufacturer supported with factory prices.
  • Easy interior remodeling by decorative film.
  • Quality controlled production.
  • Over 30 years of experience in window film industry.


  • 1PLY window film construction.
  • Direct digital output of your designs into film rolls.
  • Various colors/designs available.
  • No glass replacement needed, easy application.
  • Best implement to interior design and better branding.
  • Improves privacy on glass surfaces.
  • Durable PET film with adhesive.
  • Window film roll size (width/length) can be customized.
  • JUMBO roll for tinting professionals.