Automotive Film Manufacturer

Automotive window tinting film / Professional manufacturer of self-adhesive window films for solar Control, decorative and safety Purposes.

Automotive window tinting film

Automotive Film

TOP COLOUR FILM Ltd has been the leading OEM & ODM manufacturer of automotive window films, car tint film, safety film, and car privacy film since 1985, we have two of our own factories located in Taiwan and exports directly to our worldwide customers.

Our Complete Product Lines for Automotive Window Tinting films, offering you window film wholesale, bulk rolls and DIY retail packages. Simply protect yourself & passengers from the harmful UV rays and reduce heat from your car with our window tinting films. Improve the appearance and cool down your vehicle by our performance window films now!

Our Strengths

One-stop purchasing on window film: We can OEM / ODM window films according to your specs on VLT, color, and UV / IR rejections. Various color coating and Anti-scratch protection layer can be added. Roll size can also be customized with your required width & length.

Complete support on Packaging and Branding: You can trust on us with your brand logos & designs, we support all kinds of carton printing, color box and blister sealed packaging.

Multiple Quality Control and stable production lines: We are the most experienced window film factory in Taiwan, proud of our products are made in Taiwan from high-quality raw materials such as polyester film, adhesive and liner, handled by our experienced staff workers.

Export-supported factories: We can provide detailed packaging according to your import regulations, all goods are packed in protective cartons, well stacked in container / on pallets with reinforcements and for maximum cost efficiency, ready to be shipped worldwide!

Product Applications
  • Automotive Tinting
  • High Performance Car Film
  • Safety Film
  • Anti-Smash and Grab Film
  • Heat-Rejection Film
  • Architectual Film
  • Clear Film
  • Sun Control Film
  • Sun Protection Film
  • Anti-Glare Film
  • Residential Film
  • Building Film

Automotive Film

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Automotive Film | Window Film Manufacturers - TOP COLOUR

TOP COLOUR FILM LTD. is one of the leading Automotive Film | window film supplies from Taiwan since 1985.

ISO accredited with rigorous QC processes, TOP COLOUR is the first pioneer of car window tint film, high performance films with extra-protection from the sun's UV and IR rays, and ceramic window film that is equipped with advanced nano-ceramic materials that perform heat reduction and allow high visibility.

TOP COLOUR has been offering customers high-quality window tint film with selections of colors and sizes, both with the cutting-edge technologies and 30 years of experience, TOP COLOUR ensures each customer's demands are met.